Montreal lawyers specialized in all aspects of family law, including divorce, separation, child custody, support and partition of family patrimony.

Separation | Divorce

Separation and divorce can put you through trying times. Whether it is for a separation of common law partners, a separation from bed and board or a divorce, we will be able to explain to you the issues and guide you through each step of the process.


The issue of child support or spousal support, is a really important point that must be addressed quickly. Whether it is for establishing the amount, a modification or the termination of support, we can provide you with information or represent your interest in court.

Custody | access

Your children are the most precious assets in your life, and we understand that. We will explain to you the different custody agreements that you can reach and which are best suited for you and your children.

divorce by agreement

If you wish to do a divorce by agreement without going through a trial that can become costly, we can prepare a written agreement that is adapted to your requirements and needs. The agreement will be filed in court and a judgement of divorce will be obtained. We offer competitive fixed-price.

we can help you with:

  • Divorce, separation, end of civil union

  • Divorce by agreement

  • Separation from bed and board

  • Annulment of marriage

  • Partition of the acquests

  • Partition of family patrimony

  • Financial interests of common law couples

  • Dissolution of matrimonial regime

  • Unjust enrichment

  • Compensatory allowance

  • Provisional sum

  • Agreement

  • Drafting of cohabitation contract

  • Child custody and access right

  • Permission to travel

  • Request regarding parental authority (choice of school, care, religion)

  • Financial support for ex-spouse

  • Child support and support payment for an adult child

  • Modification or cancellation of support

  • Cancellation of support arrears

  • Filiation (acknowledgement of paternity or disavowal)

  • Family mediation

  • Experience in representing victims of domestic violence

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